Make your workplace safer with a comprehensive collection of OSHA workplace safety training courses.

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Video and DVD Safety training courses for the office and the factory floor.

Safetycare offer safety training courses from behavioural safety and proper manual handling techniques through to Fire and Electrical safety in the workplace.

Occupational health and safety video and DVD courses are the best way to encourage a culture of safety in the workplace in accordance with OSHA regulations.

Make sure your employees undertake safety training courses in all facets of workplace health and safety with the videos available through Montie.

All aspects of occupational health and safety are covered by the complete and comprehensive safety training courses available through Montie.

Safetycare have created a library of practical and memorable safety training videos and DVDs. Once Montie has been installed on your company`s server, you will be ready to conduct your own safty training sessions for new employee safety training induction as well as keep your workforce up to speed on OSHA regulation compliant safety training principals and best practices in dangerous situations.

The collection of safety training videos on Montie covers subjects such as electrical safety and fire awareness, as well as behavioural safety and correct manual handling procedures. This ensures that your workplace has a pragmatic approach to occupational health and safety and can deliver OSHA compliant safety training as your company requires.

Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of employers and appropriate workplace safety training will yield many benefits over the long term for the safe operations of your workforce.

Below is a brief description of some of the quality videos and DVDs on offer from Safetycare.

Manual handling, lifting and falls – PPE and personal safety awareness

Musculoskeletal injuries are among the most common form of workplace injury with long term effects that affect the spine, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. This form of injury is most commonly caused by incorrect lifting, twisting under strain or repetitive movement. Montie`s courses on manual handling will demonstrate the correct procedures to ensure your employees minimise their exposure to physical harm.

What can you do if you are a victim of workplace bullying, intimidation and harasment cause much psychological harm - Behavioural safety in the workplace.

Workplace safety involves the behaviour of your employees in relation to each other as well as to the environment. We offer courses that provide education on behavioural awareness in the workplace, to help your employees look out for one another emotionally as well as physically. Bullying and harassment in the workplace can be nullified with a behavioural safety training video available through Montie.

Fire safety and fire awareness – prevention over injury, what to watch out for.

Every workplace should have a fire prevention and evacuation policy in place as part of employee safety induction training. Safetycare fire safety videos and DVDs provide help for you to set up and implement safe fire prevention and evacuation procedures. Our fire safety awareness training videos help prevent fire in the workplace by educating your workforce on the causes and dangers of fire. Understanding how fires are cuased and how best to respond quickly is the best method of fire prevention injury. Our fire safety training courses inform your employees regarding the hazards that can result in a fire, ensuring that potential fire hazards can be identified and removed before an incident occurs.

Hazardous environments and the dangers of confined spaces in the workplace.

Working in confined spaces or poorly ventilated spaces often pose serious threats that frequently go unnoticed until a tragedy occurs. Understanding how to operate safely in tight closed environments can ensure that the risk of workplace injury is mitigated. Montie offers safety training videos focused on working in confined spaces as safely as possible.

COSHH - Control of substances hazardous to health in the workplace.

OSHA regulates the handling and storing of hazardous substances with strict guidelines and protocols. Understanding these protocols can minimise the risk of injury in the workplace. Montie has workplace safety training videos demonstrating the correct operating procedures when dealing with hazardous substances.

Understanding the dangers of Electricity - Electrical Safety Training.

Understanding Electricity is the first step towards electrical safety training in the workplace. Electricity is everywhere a large part of our everyday worklife, knowing how electricity causes harm can help prevent life threatening situations from occurring in your workplace.

Montie`s electrical safety training videos demonstrate how to identify potential electrical hazards. An electrical safety training video will teach your employees to operate safely around electricity and instruct them on how to safely deal with electrical faults.

Heavy Equipment awareness – forklifts, cranes and plant machinery.

It is incredibly important to understand just how easy it is to fall foul of injury caused by heavy industrial equipment. Make sure that your employees are aware of safe procedures when working around heavy equipment. How to stay out of the way is often enough to avoid an accident.

We offer operational safety training courses that will instruct your employee`s on how to work safely around heavy machinery such as forklifts. When people understand the correct safety protocols, they are able to work within safe proximity to heavy equipment without risk.

Safety training for the Office environment.

Everyday work in an office environment can lead to injuries that you might not expect. Repetitive movement and behavioural interactions can impact a person`s physical and mental health. Bad posture and inefficient working methods can gradually lead to musculoskeletal disorders that will last a lifetime.

Montie offers safety training courses dealing specifically with the office environment. These courses are designed to make your office a safer place to work and demonstrate the importance of social consideration and the benefits of a positive work environment.

Safetycare`s Montie can deliver any workplace safety training course you require. Our courses are desgined in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).