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Safetycare is a global leader in safety training products and services. Our training products are used extensively throughout the world. Our services address specific organizational safety training and safety management issues. Customer service has always been a priority at Safetycare. Safetycare was the first company in the world to offer “no obligation free previews” of all its video programs.
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Fire awareness is an attitude, an attitude that incorporates the understanding of four basic areas which are:

 * The Nature of Fire
 * The Causes of Fire
 * The Behaviour of Fire
 * Fire Safety Management

Included in the program:

 * A simple scientific explanation of fire
 * Identification of common workplace hazards associated with fires
 * Fire behaviour characteristics, which include the following
    five principles:

   Fire must obey physical laws
   Where there's fire there's smoke
   It is the vapour that burns
   Oxygen increases fire intensity
   The principle of cooling, smothering and starving

Fire Safety Management can be defined as those activities which are undertaken to prevent fires from occurring, the controls that manage fire systems and emergencies and in the event of an uncontrolled fire, the suppression methods used to extinguish it.

Fire Safety Management is therefore comprised of three essential elements:

 * Fire Prevention
 * Fire Protection
 * Fire Suppression

This program looks at each of these elements in some detail and concludes with identifying oxygen deprivation as the major cause of fire related deaths.

This program is aimed at all personnel to increase the general level of fire awareness.

RUNNING TIME: 16 minutes

Prevención y Manejo de Incendios (Fire Awareness)