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Workplace health and safety can be improved by providing informative occupational health and safety training Video and DVD courses on the correct occupational health and safety procedures. Safetycare workplace health and safety training DVDs anfd videos are the quickest way to achieve compliance for all national workplace health and safety codes and regulations.

Occupational safety and health is an important aspect of a successful business. Research has shown that providing occupational health and safety DVDs and Videos in your workplace is the most effective way to improve the safety of your working environment. Safetycare distribute for all national workplace health and safety codes and regulations.

By improving the safety of your workplace, you will increase the productivity, happiness and safety of your workforcre.

Safetycare offers a wide range of workplace safety training course DVDs, Videos and safety training course materials covering topics adhering to the requirements outlined by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The issues of Occupational health and safety in the workplace are ever present - what can you do to improve your workplace health and safety.

Encouraging a workplace culture of health and safety is best promoted by conducting your own safety training seminars for your workforce on a regular basis. Posting posters and workplace health and safety messages around the work space keeps the occupational health and safety message ever present, just like the dangers of injury in the factory or office - ever present.

As a business owner and employer it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff and your workforce are very aware of the dangers and help them to improve their knowledge of what to do and how to act should a tragedy occur in the workplace. Encouraging a well founded knowledge of First Aid and safety in the workplace will improve your business by reducing the incidence of lost productivity due to serious injury in the workplace.

The Importance of Fire Safety Awareness and Electrical Safety drills in the workplace.

Without doubt - Fire Safety DVDs and Electrical Safety Training in the workplace, factory or Office can reduce the incidence of injury in the Office or workplace. A lack of Fire safety awareness and electrical safety procedures are two of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace and in the office.

But staying safe in the workplace can be as simple as ensuring you and your work crews have appropriate functional Personal Safety Equipment. Many small injuries that cost lost production time can be avoided in this way. Looking out for each other - indeed for every member of a work force makes the best sense. Behavioural Safety is best exemplified by the saying - All for one and One for All, and remains as ever, one of the best working practices readily available in any workplace.

Many permanent musculoskeletal injuries that could disable a worker causing them a lifetime of pain and serious insurance as well as medical expenses can be avoided by an awareness of how to lift, carry and balance payloads. These practices are integral to a working knowledge of Manual Handling techniques which help workers to avoid permanent disability.

Slips, Trips and Falls are also a major contributor to injury in both the office and the factory floor. But a simple awareness of traffic zones where workers pass, as well as keeping work spaces tidy and clear of cluttering items. Remain aware and watch for any bottlenecks in the flow of traffic as workers move about, and be very aware of ventilation and multiple exits available in storage areas. Many terrible injuries from Fire, Electrical and Chemical Hazards can get rapidly out of control if you can`t control Ventilation and Access to confined spaces.

SafetyCare have some of the best Workplace and Office Safety Training DVDs and Video Libraries on offer. Each Health and Safety Video Clip provides useful icebreakers while broaching the ever important points covered in each workplace and office health and safety training DVD. Safetycare actively promote health and safety awareness in the workplace and in the office.

Increasing occupational health and safety awareness in your workplace with Safety Training Videos and DVDs.

Our range of safety training DVDs and videos form a comprehensive safety training library ensuring your workplace minimises risk and enhances the hazard awareness of your employees.

Our courses offer versatile methods of delivering DVD and Video content. You will have the option to present workplace health and safety training seminars to a large group or to provide individual safety induction training to new employees. Open access to relevant workplace health and safety training DVD and Video programs give you the ability to decide how you will present safety training to your employees. Comprehensive safety training manuals tell you exactly what to say to conduct your own OSHA and WSH compliant tutorials, while our quality safety training DVDs and videos provide you with entertaining icebreakers, conversation starters and relevant talking points to guide the discussion and get the conversation moving.

Safetycare`s full safety training program of workplace health and safety videos and DVDs in the one fabulous package.

We have created a full suite of safety training course DVDs ready to instal to your company`s server, once installed the safety traiing library can be accessed by any computer on your network.

Course topics include DVDs and Videos on Ergonomics for manual handling in the office or on the factory floor, fire safety training, electrical safety training, COSHH chemical and hazardous materials as well as behavioural safety training programs. OSHA safety training videos and DVDs are the perfect way to deliver up to date health and safety training to your workplace from the office to the factory floor.

Access workplace OSHA, COSHH and WSH safety training dvds and video content from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Safetyhub is a cross-platform user friendly delivery system for conveniently delivering workplace safety training dvd and video course materials. SafetyHub is Safetycare`s most accessible delivery system for workplace health and safety training courses, perfect for new employee induction programs.

Your workforce can undertake OSHA and WSH occupational health and safety training videos and DVDs individually, or as a group. Safety hub allows employers to track the results of the employees who undertake safety training to ensure the workplace safety message has been delivered effectively and is understood by your workforce. Safetycare safety training products have been promoting health and safety awareness in the workplace for more than 25 years.

Contact Safetycare for effective and accessible workplace safety training DVD and Videos as well as printed course manuals.